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Mother with Twins

Who We Are

MISSION: To provide holistic supportive services to Black women survivors and their co-surviving children who have experienced domestic violence/intimate partner violence/teen dating violence; promoting pathways of healing through self-reliance and healthy legacy.

We're a direct branch of the Courageous Fire, LLC mission to change the narrative for Black women and DV. CFire LLC is solely dedicated to our founder's education of the community.

Courageous Access utilizes Black professionals to provide culturally-responsive services directly to YOU as the survivor and your co-surviving children, including Empowerment through the Arts™ and Youth Healthy Relationships™.

In other words, Black women - across our entire and beautiful diaspora, we are here for YOU - #Permission

Black Women DV Survivors? Her Co-Surviving Children? 
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Courageous Access Channel

Courageous Access Channel

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8-Stage DV Homicide Timeline

Our Philosophy

Foundation Matters. Our adult decisions are based on what we learn as we build our developmental foundation in childhood. If a Black woman can identify where poisonous relationship expectations were falsely set up as normal and healthy, she and her therapist can disarm those predispositions, recognizing and rejecting future toxic advances in all relationships - intimate partner, family, work, church, and friendships. 

CO-Survivors Matter. At Courageous Access, we are committed to always incorporating the latest research into the care of our clients. Our Founding Executive Director attended a conference where the work of Dr. Emma Katz (a non-Black woman in the UK with brilliant, breakthrough interviews of DV survivors) came to her attention. We always knew the DV didn't swerve past the children, but now we have the language to prove it! Children of DV survivors are ALSO co-survivors.  Coercive control, physical violence, verbal violence, and sexual violence committed by the perpetrator against the children makes the children co-survivors. And they absolutely matter. That's why we have always targeted their needs in this work. Now that we are armed with this language and truth - watch how much more we target them in this work! 


Reparations Matter. As a Black woman, you may have daydreamed about your country suddenly deciding to repay you in usable currency for my lifelong suffering at its hands. We teach survivors how to extract currency following an abusive situation; because the most effective revenge is to make abuse pay you back - reparations, Beautiful.


What We Do

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After the abuser has been removed

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Building health and empowerment

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Build a Strong Future

Building a strong future

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"We're not early or late to life's circumstances; we're prepared at the moment we're due to arrive"

Courageous Fire

I continue to grow and learn about myself and triggers. I am able to avoid confrontational situations where I find myself going into defense mode. I’m still learning the value of the word, “No.” when it pertains to doing things I don’t feel the need or want to do. I’m honored and blessed to have been in the very first class and to witness the growth of the organization. Keep doing what you do!

IA Empowerment Client - 3 yrs after program

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