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Empowerment through the Arts™*

Getting out of DV is wonderful. Staying out is LIFE. Prevent FUTURE DV (domestic violence) cycles. 

When I realized that as bad as this 13+ year abusive marriage had been, it was NOT the first predatory situation I had been, I just didn't know it. Self-study and therapy showed me my emotionally abusive father + our very strict religion = an expectation for relationships to be UNhealthy. 

Studying myself as a Black woman and learning about DV cycles made me see to end future cycles for Black women our culture had to be part of way we learn. I took notes on the things that were working for me and WHY. Empowerment through the Artswas invented from that work.

Beautiful, you do not pay for this program. The program combines therapeutic methods like journaling and Gestalt technique with artistic elements like theatre, lighting, an empowerment costume,  and music. By combining community, sisterhood, music, and the soul-liberating openness of theatre, it allows you as a Black woman to be comforted, open, free, and to learn better from your sisters and through  storytelling. 

It has been reviewed and approved by Black female trauma-informed therapists and participants of our first focus groups are still able to recognize and refuse predatory behavior or set and maintain appropriate boundaries within relationships for nearly 2 years after participating in the program. 

Identify what was "written on your forehead" that the predators saw, erase it, then keep old and new ones from gaining access again. (companion workbook peek inside!)  The quicker you sign up, the quicker you get to join a class!

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