Meet Our Leadership Team


Courageous Fire


Jasmin, Howard, LMSW

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Sharon Zanders-Ackiss


Our Community Support

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We thank the Black woman owner and licensed therapist, Breanne Ward, LMHC, for partnering with us for space for our sessions

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We're so grateful for owner and founder, Antwonette Shade, for partnering with us to provide free lock change services for our participants


We thank United Way of Central for our first grant for the Empowerment through the Arts™. Grant dollars mean program expansion and capacity building for organizational stability

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We thank the Executive Director, Melissa Vine, for sponsoring the 1st in-house sessions at a housing facility for Black women DV survivors

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We're thankful for being a vendor with the Iowa Crime Victim Assistance Division for our program, Empowerment through the Arts

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We're grateful to have them as a referral partner

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We're appreciative of the one-time grant award to pilot our Personal Security™ program. We continue to explore new ways to connect within the community through Cassie Kilgore to further our mission