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Board Applications

Interviews being scheduled!

We are grateful for the service of our first board members: Shundrea Trotty, MPA, Sharon Zanders-Ackiss, and Jasmin Howard, LMSW. As they continue transition out of their first year of service on our board, we are interviewing candidates even now for filling their offices as treasurer and secretary as well as vice-president and other voting members. You've been thinking to yourself that you want to be more directly involved with rebuilding our Black women after domestic violence and supporting the children they are raising. Here's your opportunity. Click to learn more and apply: LEARN MORE HERE

Black Professionals

Choose In-Kind Donation or Negotiate Pay

The programming is 100% possible through your incredible collaborations with us. Click here to sign up if you are interested in providing culturally-responsive solutions for rebuilding Black women and their families following the ravages of DV (domestic violence): HERE

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